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Podcast Episode 42 – Robert McNamara Discusses Carousel Farms, Plus W&M Law Student Delia Root

Check out Episode 42 of Clint Schumacher‘s Eminent Domain Podcast! Robert McNamara, of the Institute for Justice, joins Clint to talk about the Colorado case...
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Podcast Episode 41 – Live From Nashville

Tune in to Episode 41 of Clint Schumacher’s Eminent Domain Podcast! Clint recorded interviews live at the ALI CLE national Eminent Domain Conference in Nashville,...
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Podcast Episode 40 – Pipeline Right to Take Question – The Puntenney Case

In Episode 40 of the Eminent Domain Podcast, Clint Schumacher discusses a recent Iowa Supreme Court opinion in Puntenney v. Iowa Utilities Board. At issue...
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Podcast Episode 39 – A View from a County Appraiser

Ryan Hargrove joins Clint Schumacher on Episode 39 of the Eminent Domain Podcast to talk about what appraisal looks from inside the County Office. Mr....
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Podcast Episode 38 – Dealing with Difficult People

Pete Havel, author of “The Arsonist in the Office: Fireproofing Your Life Against Toxic Coworkers, Bosses, Employees and Cultures,” joins Clint Schumacher for Episode 38...
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Podcast Episode 37 – Reflections from Being Called for Jury Duty

In Episode 37 of his Eminent Domain Podcast, Clint Schumacher shares some insights after being summoned for jury duty. His reflections include: Build rapport with...
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Podcast Episode 36 – Discussion of Short-Term Rentals with Robert Thomas and Robert “Bob” Grace

Robert Thomas and Robert “Bob” Grace recently joined Clint Schumacher in Episode 36 of his Eminent Domain Podcast to discuss short term rentals, their potential...
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Podcast Episode 35 – Discussion of Self-Driving Cars with Sam Schwartz aka Gridlock Sam

Tune in to episode 35 of Clint Schumacher’s Eminent Domain Podcast as Sam Schwartz, aka Gridlock Sam, joins Clint to discuss self-driving cars and their...
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Podcast Episode 34 — Discussion of Knick v. Township of Scott

Tune in to Episode 34 of Clint Schumacher’s Eminent Domain Podcast! In this episode, Clint discusses the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Knick v....
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Podcast Episode 33 — Clint Harbour Discusses Eminent Domain from the Government Viewpoint

In Episode 33 of the Eminent Domain Podcast, host Clint Schumacher talks with Clint Harbour from the Texas Attorney General’s Office about eminent domain from...
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