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We use highways, parks and other public buildings regularly without any thought as to how they come about. However, there is a chance that the highway you take to work every day was once private property that the government took for public use. This is called “condemnation,” and happens when the government exercises eminent domain rights to seize private property for public use.

Fort Worth eminent domain attorneys are able to ensure property owners are given fair and just compensation, and sometimes are able to fight condemnation. In order to seize private property, the government must be condemning it for public use. Even though the government is able to use eminent domain to seize private property, there are laws that must be followed.

Public Use Examples for Condemnation

If the government wants to condemn your property, they must be planning to put it to public use. Some examples of eminent domain public uses are:

  • Public highways
  • Public parks
  • Public libraries, police stations, courthouses and schools
  • Public transportation buildings
  • Airports
  • Public highways
  • Utilities such as oil, gas and water pipelines
  • Drainage infrastructures
  • Sport venues

When the government decides to invoke eminent domain rights on private property, they are required by the United States and Texas Constitutions to provide fair and just compensation for the property. The landowner must be compensated in full for property damaged, destroyed or taken under condemnation. Often times, the amount offered for private property from the government is not as much as the landowner feels their property is worth.

Getting Help From Condemnation Lawyers who Do Work in Fort Worth

It is normal for the government to make unfair offers for your property, not fair compensation offers. It is also important to know you do not have to accept the government’s offer if you do not feel it is fair. In addition, if you do not believe the government is intending to use the property for public use, you may also contest it.

There are many complicated laws involved in eminent domain and condemnation. In almost every case, it is best to have help from condemnation lawyers who work in Fort Worth to guide you through your case. Whether you feel you are not being fairly compensated for your property, or believe your property is not being taken legally for a public use, consult an experienced lawyer. Representation from a knowledgeable Fort Worth eminent domain attorneys, such as an attorney from Dawson & Sodd, who routinely handle cases in this area, for assisting with the process of obtaining a positive result in your case.

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