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The Stafford Act, Eminent Domain & Texas Property Owner Rights

During a time of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, government organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have the authority to...
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Podcast Episode 42 – Robert McNamara Discusses Carousel Farms, Plus W&M Law Student Delia Root

Check out Episode 42 of Clint Schumacher‘s Eminent Domain Podcast! Robert McNamara, of the Institute for Justice, joins Clint to talk about the Colorado case...
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Recent Eminent Domain News – March 3 Update

Find out the latest in Texas eminent domain news. Critics Expect Long Fight Against Texas Bullet Train Project Source: Houston Chronicle (TNS) — In the...
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Common Issues Texas Property Owners Face With Condemning Authority Appraisers

The U.S. and Texas Constitutions say that a Texas landowner must receive fair and just compensation for any property taken in an eminent domain action....
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Podcast Episode 41 – Live From Nashville

Tune in to Episode 41 of Clint Schumacher’s Eminent Domain Podcast! Clint recorded interviews live at the ALI CLE national Eminent Domain Conference in Nashville,...
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Recent Eminent Domain News – February 3 Update

Find out what’s happening in Texas eminent domain news. Kinder Morgan faces new lawsuit from Hill Country property owners regarding pipeline construction Source: KVUE FREDERICKSBURG,...
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Podcast Episode 40 – Pipeline Right to Take Question – The Puntenney Case

In Episode 40 of the Eminent Domain Podcast, Clint Schumacher discusses a recent Iowa Supreme Court opinion in Puntenney v. Iowa Utilities Board. At issue...
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Recent Eminent Domain News – January 7 Update

Find out what’s happening in Texas eminent domain news. Trump Justice Department sues to seize private property for border-wall construction Source: MarketWatch/AP HOUSTON — Three years...
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Podcast Episode 39 – A View from a County Appraiser

Ryan Hargrove joins Clint Schumacher on Episode 39 of the Eminent Domain Podcast to talk about what appraisal looks from inside the County Office. Mr....
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Recent Eminent Domain News – December 13 Update

Find out what’s happening in eminent domain news around Texas. High-speed rail company wants the best of both worlds: private records and public land-grab power...
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