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Inverse Condemnation Part 1: What Is The Takings Clause?

Tarrant Regional Water District v. Gragg is one of the most significant inverse condemnation cases in Texas. Glenn Sodd, Clay Beard, Jason Sodd and Jody...
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The Texas Bullet Train: A Pig In A Poke? We’ve Seen It Before

Texas Central Partners is doing all it can to create the appearance that the Dallas to Houston high-speed rail project is “on-track” (pun intended), but...
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Do You Have a Hurricane Harvey Inverse Condemnation Claim?

Hurricane Harvey ravaged many Texas communities with flooding, leading to hundreds of thousands of insurance claims across the state. Some Harvey flood claims are a...
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Understanding the Condemnation Process in Texas

The condemnation process in Texas is a complex, often confusing legal procedure if you’re not familiar with the laws pertaining to eminent domain in Texas....
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Trump Border Wall and What It Means for Property Owners

One of the recurring themes during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was his proposal for a U.S. – Mexico border wall that will span through the...
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Dawson & Sodd Case Featured In 2017 Appraisal Journal

Recently, one of our cases (Crosstex DC Gathering Co. v. Button) made it into the Winter 2017 Appraisal Journal. Here is a brief intro for...
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The Reason Foundation Raises Many Concerns about the Texas High Speed Rail Project

One of the TCR’s big selling points of their proposed high speed rail line is that it will be privately financed and require no taxpayer...
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Texas Lawmakers Put the Brakes on High Speed Rail

Since the Texas Central Railroad announced plans to build a high speed rail connecting Dallas to Houston, many landowners whose property is located along the...
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The “Voice of Texas Agriculture” Voices Opposition To The High Speed Rail Project

Called the “Voice of Texas Agriculture,” the Texas Farm Bureau is one of the largest and most influential group of farmers, ranchers and rural residents...
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Another Texas County Voices Opposition to the High Speed Rail Project

Most of the Texas counties lying in the path of the proposed high speed rail line won’t see any economic benefits from Texas Central Partners’...
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