Podcast Episode 39 – A View from a County Appraiser

Ryan Hargrove joins Clint Schumacher on Episode 39 of the Eminent Domain Podcast to talk about what appraisal looks from inside the County Office.

Mr. Hargrove provides real estate valuation services to departments and agencies for Orange County, California. These valuations facilitate acquisition, management, leasing, and disposition of real property. During his 20 year career, he has performed valuations for many purposes, including eminent domain and right-of-way acquisition, loan underwriting, financial reporting, estate and gift taxation, litigation support, assessment appeals.

On the podcast, they discuss one of Mr. Hargrove’s current projects trying to value flowage easements; how the county chooses appraisers; self-driving cars; and valuing property with a value date from 75 years ago.

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