What Questions Should I Ask an Eminent Domain Attorney in Texas?

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Eminent Domain Attorney in Texas

Are you a Texas property owner who has received notice that your property is facing condemnation? You have options available to you to protect your rights. You may think the initial offer made for your land is a fair one. If you accept it, your case is closed.

However, you may think they aren’t making a fair offer for your land. One of these reasons could be that you don’t like the terms the condemning authority has proposed. You can also have doubts as to whether the entity actually has eminent domain authority. Texas law and the U.S. Constitution give you the right to take the case to court.

If you decide to take the condemning entity to court, it’s important to have your interests represented by an experienced eminent domain lawyer. You need one who is familiar with the condemnation process.

How do you find the right lawyer for your case? Ask These Questions!

To help you make your decision, here are several specific questions you should ask the attorney during the initial interview.

  • What is your experience in handling eminent domain disputes?
  • Have you handled any cases similar to mine?
  • How many successful trial verdicts, appellate verdicts or settlements have you obtained on behalf of other property owners?
  • Do you devote all of your practice to the area of eminent domain and condemnation for landowners?
  • Have you represented clients in my part of the state?
  • Do you have any clients I can talk to as a reference?
  • If I hire your firm, who will work on my case?
  • Do you represent any condemning authorities, requiring you to take positions contrary to landowners’ best interests?
  • How much do you charge to represent a client?
  • What are your relationships with experts, such as eminent domain appraisers, environmentalists, civil engineers, land planners, etc.?

Dawson & Sodd: What You’re Looking for in an Eminent Domain Attorney

At Dawson & Sodd, we welcome any questions you may have concerning eminent domain in Texas and how our law firm can protect your rights.

We focus solely on eminent domain law, and we only represent land owners, never condemning entities.

Types of Property Cases of Eminent Domain That We Have Handled

The law offices of Dawson & Sodd have been helping landowners in eminent domain and other property dispute cases since 1894. We have successfully handled cases involving almost every kind of property, ranging from:

  • commercial, office and industrial buildings,
  • raw development land,
  • convenience stores,
  • mines,
  • hotels,
  • oil and gas leases,
  • water rights,
  • natural gas processing sites,
  • and recreational, farm, or ranch land.

We have also successfully handled many inverse condemnation cases on behalf of property owners all over Texas.

Texas Eminent Domain Cases We Have Settled

Dawson & Sodd has helped Texas landowners obtain fair settlements in a wide variety of condemnation and inverse condemnation cases, including:

  • road and highway expansion projects,
  • power line projects,
  • pipeline easements,
  • new railroads,
  • hurricane Harvey flood claims,
  • and sport venues like the Texas Ranger baseball stadium and the Dallas Cowboys football stadium.

Our case results speak for themselves. If an entity with eminent domain authority wants to acquire your land, please call Dawson & Sodd without delay.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Texas Eminent Domain Lawyer

At Dawson & Sodd, we offer our prospective clients a free initial consultation. The land owner can speak with an attorney about their situation. This first meeting is a great opportunity for a landowner to determine if an attorney has the background and experience to bring about a successful resolution to your condemnation case.

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