The “Voice of Texas Agriculture” Voices Opposition To The High Speed Rail Project

Texas Farm Bureau Expresses Concerns About Texas High Speed Rail ProjectCalled the “Voice of Texas Agriculture,” the Texas Farm Bureau is one of the largest and most influential group of farmers, ranchers and rural residents in the state.  The TFB recently used this voice to express concerns about the proposed high speed rail project and its potential impact on rural communities lying along its route.

Created in 1933, the Texas Farm Bureau is a non-profit grassroots organization that represents the interests of agricultural producers and rural communities throughout the Lone Star state. In addition to advocating government policies designed to make food safer and more affordable, the TFB is also committed to protecting the property rights of farmers and ranchers across Texas.

High Speed Rail Project’s Negative Impact on Rural Communities

One of the big topics at the recent 83rd annual meeting of the TFB was the proposed high speed rail project connecting Houston and Dallas and the impact it would have on members’ farms and local communities. Several members voiced their opposition to the high speed rail project acquiring farm and ranch lands through the use of eminent domain.

According to the TFB’s press release, delegates expressed concerns that the additional division of Texas farms, ranches and rural communities by projects such as high speed rail would put undue burdens on their rural economies. These include the additional time and costs of moving equipment and livestock from one side of a farm or ranch to another, the lack of adequate exits to small Texas towns and their economies and the additional tax burden passed on to local taxpayers for projects removed from the tax base.

During the meeting, delegates approved a list of tenets if the high speed rail is approved and given eminent domain authority, including that Texas Central Partners, the company building the high speed rail line, be required pay for land and any damages caused by its construction or operation.

“Texas farmers and ranchers are working hard right now to survive a slowing farm economy and low market prices,” TFB President Russell Boening said. “I’m proud of how Texas Farm Bureau members continue to be vigilant in addressing important state and national policy issues that impact agriculture. It’s critical that Texas farmers and ranchers remain engaged and advocate for their interests.”

Experienced Texas Property Rights Attorneys are on Your Side

If you are a farmer or rancher whose land lies in the path of the high speed rail line you will want to take whatever steps necessary to protect your property and your rights. You will want the counsel of a skilled Texas land rights attorney, one experienced in eminent domain claims, condemnation and other property disputes.

For over a hundred years, the Law Firm of Dawson & Sodd has been fighting on behalf of property owners all over Texas. Our team of Texas eminent domain lawyers possess the knowledge and legal expertise to successfully protect your property rights and get you full compensation for your land and relocation costs. Call us at (903) 872-8181 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We are eager to discuss your case.

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