About Dawson & Sodd, LLP – A Texas Eminent Domain Law Firm

Dawson & Sodd, LLP traces its roots to 1894. “Condemnation” or “eminent domain” cases are those where the government or private entities like pipeline and power line companies take a landowner’s property for their own use, making what is often a very low offer of compensation for that taking.

Under the leadership of Glenn Sodd and legendary Baylor law professor emeritus Matt “Mad Dog” Dawson, the Texas law firm has risen to prominence over the last 50 years as eminent-domain practitioners helping landowners. Many of the firm’s attorneys have been named as Super Lawyers in Texas eminent domain law by the Thomson Reuters service:  Mr. Dawson (2003 – 2005), Mr. Sodd (2003 – 2019), Matt Hurt (2014 – 2019), and Clint Schumacher (2014 – 2019).  Numerous of the firm’s attorneys have also been named as Rising Stars in eminent domain by the Thomson Reuters service:  Matt Hurt (2005, 2013 and 2014), Jody Sodd McSpadden (2005 – 2007, 2014 – 2015), B. Tyler Milton (2014 – 2019), Clint Schumacher (2011), and Hayley Ailshie Nanasi (2019).

Our focus has been on helping landowners in eminent domain or condemnation cases for the last 35+ years. With a reputation for excellence and outstanding results across Texas, our team has a unique blend of skill, experience, grit, and determination necessary to handle all types of eminent domain cases.

Who We Represent

We never represent the government or others looking to seize private property. Our clients include the widest range of improved and unimproved property owners. We have handled cases involving virtually every kind of property, ranging from:

  • commercial, office, and industrial buildings,
  • raw development land,
  • convenience stores,
  • mines,
  • oil and gas leases,
  • water rights,
  • natural gas processing sites,
  • and recreational, farm, or ranch land.

Our Approach to Eminent Domain Law

The attorneys of Dawson & Sodd, LLP combine their unique perspectives and experiences to form a team that can bring a multitude of potential approaches to each client’s problem. We are able to undertake even the most challenging cases and are proud to guide our clients through the most intimidating circumstances. Striving to turn over every rock, stone, and pebble on the way toward understanding your property and how it functions, we truly dig deep into the details.

We understand that every client has different needs and every claim has its own complications, so we strive to analyze the smallest details in our cases. The smallest piece of information can change the outcome of a case, and we are dedicated to devoting as much time as needed to every client, no matter how big the stakes may be.

Some cases may not require an advanced trial phase, but we prepare for every possible situation, and we are ready to pursue each case to the most escalated steps, if necessary, to obtain just compensation.

Our long history of dedication to eminent domain law has given us a thorough understanding of each step of the condemnation process, as well as effective strategies for fighting on our clients’ behalf. With decades of experience, Dawson & Sodd, LLP is a trusted name in eminent domain legal circles. Our singular devotion to this one area of law is an invaluable asset to those seeking guidance throughout the difficult legal process ahead. With our attorneys at your side, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands.

Our Experience with Texas Condemnation Cases

Our experience includes projects where the taking is for virtually every type of condemnation project, including:

  • new or expanded roads and highways,
  • new and expanded power lines,
  • every kind of pipeline easement,
  • land underneath a natural gas processing plant,
  • new railroads,
  • new lakes,
  • the Super Conducting Super Collider,
  • and sport venues like the Texas Ranger baseball stadium and the Dallas Cowboys football stadium.

Our History of Focusing our Practice as a Texas Eminent Domain Law Firm

The modern era of Dawson & Sodd, LLP began under the leadership of legendary attorney and law professor Matt “Mad Dog” Dawson. His fierce teaching approach left many students at Baylor University School of Law with fond memories and respect. Professor Dawson already had significant eminent domain experience when he met Glenn Sodd as a young law student and hired him for his own firm. After serving as an intern under the professor, Glenn moved to Corsicana, Texas to join forces in growing a formidable resume as a top condemnation firm.

Through our years of operation, a number of talented attorneys have brought their perspectives to our practice. Presently, partners Clay Beard, Jason Sodd, Jody Sodd McSpadden, B. Tyler Milton, Matt Hurt and Clint Schumacher diligently contribute their efforts to guiding clients through the challenges of facing condemnation.

Where We Practice Condemnation Law

Our firm takes on cases from across the entire state of Texas. We have handled and consulted on cases in every region of the state.  We are ready to fight for landowners in areas such as:

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso
  • Fort Worth
  • Lubbock
  • Amarillo
  • Waco
  • Tyler
  • Texarkana
  • Arlington
  • Frisco
  • McKinney
  • Irving
  • Corpus Christi
  • Plano
  • Richardson
  • Garland
  • Mesquite
  • Abilene
  • Carrollton
  • Bryan/College Station
  • Irving
  • Grand Prairie
  • Pasadena
  • Midland/Odessa
  • Sherman
  • Denton
  • Conroe
  • The Woodlands
  • Spring
  • Katy
  • Georgetown
  • Round Rock
  • Wichita Falls
  • Lewisville
  • Tyler
  • Flower Mound
  • New Braunfels
  • Cedar Park
  • Mansfield
  • San Marcos
  • Grapevine
  • Allen

Eminent domain refers to the power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use.  If your land is being taken through the use of eminent domain, contact our law firm as soon as possible to make sure you are getting a fair offer for your land.  Our Texas eminent domain law firm has 35+ years of experience in fighting for landowners.

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